Why Farmtodine?

The idea behind Farmtodine is to keep away this generation from the ‘JUNK FOOD’ habits and introduce traditional taste which is deprived in the market and pushed away from peoples mind due to over enthusiasm on making profits and not conscious of making quality and hygiene food.

We were thinking from quite a long time to introduce genuine tasty food products to our people, by making hygiene food in a traditional way with a traditional taste to make our customers delighted with quality food products.

This thought came in to reality, when we found ‘300+ years old recipe’ – the real taste of ‘IDLI & DOSA’. From there, we started thinking to offer the same to all the house holds across the country. As this can become the best available healthy food choice for all ages.

Authentic and traditional recipe for

IDLI & DOSA with 300+ years of legacy